Three Wishes – A Question

I want to pose this as a question to anyone reading this, please answer in the comments – What would you wish for if you were given three wishes? I know it sounds a bit corny as it’s a fairy-tale kind of thing but when you really think about it, how would you choose what to wish for? I’ve been obsessing over this for hours today and I’m still struggling for a finalised three questions. Please leave your answer in the comments as I’m keen to see what people would ask for. I asked some of my friends and the answers were very different in some cases.

I won’t do any more leading with this, just feel free to tell me yours. Once I’ve had a few responses, I will post my final three as a follow-up. Be thoughtful and, most importantly, be completely honest!



26 thoughts on “Three Wishes – A Question

  1. I really don’t know. Going back and changing things from the past gets very complicated rather quickly. The main external type of thing that I’d wish for would be a steady lifetime basic income (i.e. enough to cover basic cost of living, nothing fancy), since wondering whether I’ll be able to continue to support myself is one of my biggest worries.

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      1. Thanks. I often feel like I haven’t been through that much compared to others, so it’s nice to hear an outsider’s point of view.

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      2. It’s easy to assume that what you’ve been through is less than others and that you’re not allowed to feel the way you feel. I do that to myself all the time. Then beat myself up for it.

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  2. Good post Steve – three wishes from me: someone comes up with an alternative to social media, people think before they speak/tweet and (selfishly) that I can finally end my constant cycle of anxiety improvement and decline.

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  3. I would wish that there would always be good on everyone’s table and no one would have to starve.

    I would wish that anyone who wanted to become a doctor would have their medical school tuition paid for. No one should ever be deterred from being a doctor for the sheer cost and debt it provides.

    I would wish that no one would ever put pineapple near a pizza ever again.


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